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Our Story

Over 50 years ago, if you drove down A1A into this small corner of Deerfield Beach, instead of seeing Oceans 234, you would have seen The Ranch House. Very popular among the locals, The Ranch House was a quaint mom-and-pop diner where folks would enjoy a quiet meal

Forging Ahead

Fast forward to 2002, when then owners Joseph and Lois Pallaria demolished the sleepy beach house and built Oceans 234. Led by present-day owner Danielle Rosse as Director of Operations, Oceans 234 transformed into a unique and alluring restaurant offering exquisite food and a friendly atmosphere.

Oceans 234 Today

Rosse purchased the restaurant in 2012, becoming the sole owner, and continued the property's evolution by performing a $1.8 million renovation transforming the space into a true gem. Today Oceans 234 features an open layout offering complete views of the Atlantic Ocean, plus an expansive outdoor patio and lounge.

We invite you to watch the renovation in our time-lapse video below.